DIY stencil and hand painted t-shirts

I’ve made lots of hand painted t-shirts over the years. Last year I even made some stamps and stencils and brought them to a family reunion for a t-shirt making activity. It was a huge hit! I get comments on my shirts every time my kids or I wear a homemade creation. There are a few different techniques I use and all have a different place. Today I’m going to specifically walk you through the stencil method (including making your own stencil). I made the t-shirts pictured for a community fundraiser. The stencil is so helpful when you’re making a larger number of shirts (I made 80 for this project). Let’s get into it: Continue reading DIY stencil and hand painted t-shirts

A Chalk Paint Experiment

I have been wanting to try chalk paint for a while and I finally decided to jump in. David made this bench a few years ago and I picked the off-white color, but it has never been right. It has been long enough that the piece warranted re-painting anyway. I did lots of research looking into brands of chalk paint and decided on Americana Decor from Hobby Lobby. (Always use a 40% off coupon.)

The bench before:

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Intro to Embroidery

Before heading to Seattle I made my niece this cute embroidery for her room. I did the whole thing with one stitch and in one sitting. So if you are thinking you aren’t crafty or have never even tried embroidery before and want to click over to Facebook instead of reading this- don’t! This actually IS the post for YOU!

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Road Trippin’

Don’t forget to make some unplanned stops. We each found a treasure here and enjoyed some delicious ice cream.

We arrived home from our long weekend road trip last night. David is home today tackling the heaping piles of laundry and I thought I would share 5 quick road trip tips. Hopefully, on this first day of summer, you have something fun on the horizon. Continue reading Road Trippin’

A Local’s Guide to Key West

This week we are preparing to fly to Seattle and it has me thinking about the last time I was in an airport. I was a little surprised to realize it was a year and a half ago as I flew home from my internship in Key West, FL. I lived in Key West for five months and like to think I learned the local’s way of life. I’ve been reminiscing the palm trees and easy living this week and had to share my “local secrets” with you. Continue reading A Local’s Guide to Key West

Manageable Meal Planning

This pork tenderloin recipe is really good!

“What’s for dinner?”

That question at 6 pm on a Tuesday night is not my thing. (Though it’s happened plenty of times, and usually it’s me asking.) I would much rather put in an hour or two of planning and feel prepared for a week of (reasonably) healthy meals. (Stick around until the end for a special grilling printable.) Continue reading Manageable Meal Planning

Last minute Father’s Day gift guide

Father’s Day is Sunday! If you are still looking for the perfect something, I’ve got 18 ideas for you (all with Amazon prime 2-day shipping, email delivery, or can be easily found locally). I’ve organized the gifts into 10 categories–which kind of Dad are you celebrating this weekend? Continue reading Last minute Father’s Day gift guide