Fall Favorites


A couple weeks ago I posted about our thankful project where we are decorating things we are grateful for on the back door over the course of the month. I added this little string of lights and now my kids keep asking for dimly lit dinners and dance parties. Of course, I love that!

Fall usually seems to mean a lot of logistically focused days for me. I’ve been working on travel plans, what parties and shows to attend (we’ve settled on Disney on Ice, The Nutcracker, and the Motab Christmas concert for this year), etc. My son also has his birthday right around Thanksgiving and it definitely sneaks up on me. I’m staying sane by listening to podcasts and searching the internet for the perfect winter slippers. (Top contenders: HERE, HERE and HERE.)


This season I have fallen in love with trees. There are so many beautiful decorations out there and trees are a theme that can bridge the fall/ winter/ Holiday season. These wooden ones are adorable, but unfortunately sold out. I will be on the lookout for some trees to add to my collection this season.

Also, I’m pregnant and with the weather changing my “uniform” of yoga capris and flip flops isn’t quite keeping me warm. Thankfully these shoes to the rescue. They are easy to slip on and off and super comfortable.

I’m also discovering the beauty of what Old Navy calls “Track Pants”. Basically glorified sweatpants which can hopefully pass as real pants and keep me warm (and have a handy- pregnancy friendly- elastic waistband). I’m debating between these and these, but maybe with a good Black Friday deal I’ll get both 😉

product photo


Like most people fall reminds me of pumpkin spice and everything nice! Except I live in Idaho so it’s more like pumpkins and snow days. This means lots of baking and candles- would be a nice fire, but unfortunately I do still live in college housing. Side note: at work I get a personal heater at my desk and it is just the best in the chilly mornings! I was gifted this candle by Kristine for my birthday and my only complaint is why isn’t it 20 times bigger because I love it so much! It reminds me of pumpkin spice, but isn’t in your face like a lot of fall candles are. I’ve heard it’s the official scent of fall 2017, which I can totally see because it feels like you are in front of a wood burning fire at a cabin in the woods when you light it.

I’ll also share a new favorite fall recipe from The Recipe Critic for pumpkin cheesecake brownies. I have to say I love my fair share of pumpkin, but I can’t stand when it’s so overwhelming. Pumpkin pie has never been tempting for me. Hence why I totally fell for these brownies! There’s only 1/2 cup of pumpkin in the whole pan which gives the hint of fall instead of like fall literally fell into your mouth (which is how I feel with most pumpkin desserts). So if you’re not a huge fan of in your face pumpkin try out these brownies!

DIY Don’t Eat Pete!

Growing up a favorite game for family night or a lazy Sunday afternoon was Don’t Eat Pete! Since I became a mother I’ve continued this tradition in my family and it’s a great one because it’s so simple and fun to play for kids and adults of all ages! Today, I want to share the instructions and a fun way to customize! Continue reading DIY Don’t Eat Pete!

Why (& How) I Force Feed My Child

For the record I am not a child feeding expert. But, I have figured out how to resolve one problem that my child seems to have relatively frequently. If your child, or someone else in your life suffers from HANGRY this might help.

Involving your child in meal preparation definitely helps him feel more a part of the meal.

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Thinking about thanks(giving)

The sugar high of Halloween is wearing off and just like that we’re into “the holiday season.” Isn’t it wild how two days ago the thoughts of placing my turkey order or buying tickets for our Christmas vacation seemed premature and now I suddenly feel behind. I haven’t even taken pictures for a Christmas card yet! But then I remind myself that Thanksgiving is about finding an appreciative and peaceful mind space. The historical origin of the holiday gets a little fuzzy and somewhat controversial, but I choose to use this time to focus on blessings. (Don’t worry, I won’t use #blessed though…) 

And because it takes more than one day to work on having a grateful mindset, here are two suggestions for making this entire month special: Continue reading Thinking about thanks(giving)

Herringbone Quilt Tutorial

Anyone else start new projects and totally ignore the relevant pressing projects? Or stay up all night imagining really great craft ideas when you already have five “started” projects taking up every table in your house. I’m sure I can’t be the only one. I started this project about two weeks ago as a gift for my friend that was due last week with her first baby. On Tuesday her husband texted saying she was in labor and that was the motivation I needed to finish it! I would say finish all your projects before starting a “simple baby quilt”, but sometimes the cuter projects get precedence.

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Musings of a sick pregnant girl

I’m sick. And I don’t think women who are 23 weeks pregnant should be allowed to get sick- just throwing that out there. So, while I have made a menu plan for the week (I will share it at the end of the post.) the most adventurous thing I have done in the kitchen lately is adding leftover rice to my chicken noodle soup.

In between naps and hot baths and binge watching re-runs of The Office I have been putting together what I want this little girls nursery to look like. Continue reading Musings of a sick pregnant girl

Juanita’s Crusted Tilapia Tenders

As we know from previous posts I love tilapia and last night I made a new dish I couldn’t resist sharing! I hate throwing away a bag of chips with just the crumbs left and using them for dinner is the perfect solution. If your child refuses to eat any kind of fish (like I did as a kid) I highly recommend these homemade fish sticks!

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