Preserving Fall Leaves

Over a decade ago I got married in November and had a reception at a little barn/art gallery. Outside on the property were the most massive maple trees and on the ground the dinner plate sized fallen leaves really added a feeling of fairy tale to the day. Lucky for me my Mom gathered a few and I can pull them out to remember the day. I wish I’d preserved them more than just letting them dry, though they have held up well.

And while you probably don’t have wedding day leaves to deal with, if you do  have a craft to decorate with fallen leaves here’s a round up of easy ways to protect them a little!

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What’s Behind School Lunch- An Introduction

I am calling this an introduction because I am sure I will not be able to cover everything here. Also, feel free to leave specific questions or topics of interest in the comments and I can address those in future posts.

I used to think that the field of Child Nutrition was unique that it must (oddly) be the most highly regulated field on the planet. While it is WAY more regulated than it should be (in my opinion), I have had small glimpses into other worlds and realized that many or maybe most professions are working under an ridiculous number of guidelines. The outside world just doesn’t notice until something goes wrong. There are a number of factors specific to the Child Nutrition (aka School Lunch) field that propelled it into the spotlight seven years ago, but I won’t get political here. Let’s delve into what is going on behind the scenes and try to clear a few things up.

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Looking for the Win

My mind is all over the place today. I’ve got a to-do list a mile long and sometimes instead of motivating me to work harder or faster, I get stalled out. The world and all it’s terror and disaster also feels so bleak, that certainly isn’t helping me move along either. It’s times like these that I look around for the win. Let me tell you what I mean. Continue reading Looking for the Win

Being a Stay at Home Mom – Week 1

My feet hurt, and I was literally counting down the minutes until David knocked on the door and turned my falling apart 3-year-old into a laughing, giddy little boy again. And it’s only Monday. (Although, for the purposes of my week it counts as Wednesday because my husband has been working all weekend and we only have to make it two more days.)

Ok, to my point. I have only been a stay at home mom for a week. I am admittedly NOT any kind of expert. But, my measly one week of experience has shown me that one important factor to me being able to do this is that I need to feel productive.

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