10 things I buy at the Dollar Store

I went to the dollar store today to pick up a few things I needed to finish off some Christmas gifts. The dollar store is one of my favorite places for inexpensive gifts and supplies but not everything in that place is a good deal. I’ll share a few things I got in my trip today and 10 of the best deals and finds from the dollar store.

[The one disclaimer here is that not all dollar stores are created equal! Some have better selections and the quality of merchandise can vary greatly. Shop around and find “your” store.]


Packing materials

I love the dollar store for envelopes, manila envelopes (padded and not), packing tape, and scotch tape. Careful when buying tape to find a good quality brand (and that does exist at the dollar store), nothing worse that crummy tape!

Small toddler “toys”

One of the things in my diaper bag that gets played with the most often is a dollar store calculator. I never stress about it getting ruined and my one year old thinks pushing buttons is the best thing ever. There are also light up balls and other basic toys that are awesome to have on hand. When it’s from the dollar store you don’t have to fret about it getting lost or damaged so they are perfect for on the go play.


Just today I saw several good games. (I actually bought two for use on our holiday travel.) Rather than spending $10-20 per game on “travel” specific games I just pick a couple dollar store games and so what if you loose some pieces. My top picks I saw today are: family feud card game, dominoes, wooden letter blocks, and left, right, center.

Today I spotted something new to me in this category I snatched up for stocking stuffers/prizes. They had 3 packs of Pokemon cards for $1. My boys are way into  so this was a great find!

Disposable aluminum pans

If you like making freezer meals or bring dinner to other families at all I highly recommend having a few of these pans on hand. Easy peesy, and much cheaper than at the grocery store!

Glow Sticks

This is pretty self explanatory I think. I will just vouch for the quality. I’ve had great luck with buying glow sticks at the dollar store, rarely does one not glow well or come out already broken. I love to bring a few 8 packs to family reunions and my kids think the bigger ones like the glow sword are super fun prizes.

Birthday party supplies

The dollar store has some really cute tablecloths and plates for parties. Nothing fancy or high class but for a kids birthday I think you can make a big impact for under $5!


Speaking of birthday parties, the dollar store is the absolute best place for balloons. Did you know that you can get filled mylar balloons at the dollar store? Compare that to a party store and we’re talking a 50-75% savings! I also love the big punch balloons, you can get a pack of four for $1.


When I talked about making birthday’s special a couple weeks ago I mentioned my candle stash. The dollar store is a great place for birthday candles on a budget. Today they had some cute singing ones and in the past I’ve found really cute number ones.

Storage Containers

The dollar store is a great place to find little plastic bins for organizing drawers or a caddy for the shower. Today I found these adorable boxes to use for Christmas gifts. I use boxes like these to gift money or gift cards to my kids/husband and then reuse them year after year. I got one for each member of the family and they stack into each other easily to store away with the Christmas decor. They are going to look so cute under the tree with ribbon wrapped around!


Depending on the day you can find cute stickers, note pads, or packs of construction paper. My dollar store always has poster board and presentation board. Today I noticed raffle tickets! This is a great deal if you have an event or at our house we use paper tickets as “mom bucks.” My kids get them if I catch them doing something nice or extra and they can cash them in for things like falling asleep in my bed, having a no chore day, etc.

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  1. That is good stuff! The gift boxes are so cute. Since I live near you which dollar store is your favorite? I like getting coloring/puzzle books, greeting cards, plastic organizers, and in the past pregnancy tests at the dollar store. 😄

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