Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day! December 26th is a holiday we always “celebrated” growing up. My Mom spent a few years in England in her early twenties and so the tradition of this English holiday entered into my childhood.
I always thought the name came about because it was the day we boxed up our Christmas decor. (Did my mom trick me into helping tidy this way? Ha!) In truth the day was created because it’s the day that the English boxed up gifts or tips for service workers. It’s also become a big holiday for shopping similar to how we have Black Friday in the United States.

As a teenager we loved to use Boxing Day to shop with the spending money we received for Christmas. After Christmas deals are kinda my jam. This morning I went to Target to see what they had in the way of holiday clearance (Target is my favorite for this). Everything was 50% off (food items 30% off) including ornaments, gift wrapping supplies, TREES!, lights, etc. I even scored some non-Christmas things that were part of holiday promotions and therefore 50% off. This year the dollar spot had some great holiday things–$.50 is hard to beat!

Over the years I’ve prepared for the following Christmas this way: buying advent calendars for the next year for half off (even Lego advent calendars!), stocking up on gift wrap, ribbon, and tags, and even buying large rubbermaid containers for storage on discount.

One word of caution for boxing day deal hunting, and this is good advice for shopping in general, it’s only a good deal if you would spend more on it! Buying something for 90% off is only worthwhile if you need/want/will use it.

Happy shopping and boxing of all kinds!

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