More on a Homemade Christmas


Sneak peek of Caroline’s post tomorrow 😍#handmadeChristmas

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As a follow up to last week’s collaboration post I thought I’d share how I created a felt advent calendar ornament set, some other good homemade Christmas gifts, and my favorite holiday cookie recipe. All in today’s post! ↓

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Herringbone Quilt Tutorial

Anyone else start new projects and totally ignore the relevant pressing projects? Or stay up all night imagining really great craft ideas when you already have five “started” projects taking up every table in your house. I’m sure I can’t be the only one. I started this project about two weeks ago as a gift for my friend that was due last week with her first baby. On Tuesday her husband texted saying she was in labor and that was the motivation I needed to finish it! I would say finish all your projects before starting a “simple baby quilt”, but sometimes the cuter projects get precedence.

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Juanita’s Crusted Tilapia Tenders

As we know from previous posts I love tilapia and last night I made a new dish I couldn’t resist sharing! I hate throwing away a bag of chips with just the crumbs left and using them for dinner is the perfect solution. If your child refuses to eat any kind of fish (like I did as a kid) I highly recommend these homemade fish sticks!

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