Framing Homemade Art

First I have to apologize for being MIA lately. As everyone, I started out having big plans for 2018! Those were quickly shut down on our way home from Virginia when I got the flu and just two weeks later got food poisoning. So it’s been a rough January. Luckily I’m on the the upside now and am determined to start using my craft room again! Today I’m sharing how I framed an embroidery based on a super cute love story

So way back when (summer 2016) my two friends started dating. One I knew from Idaho and one I knew from Florida. I never imagined they would meet and eventually get married! Fast forward to last summer when Stephen contacted me and asked if I would take pictures of the proposal. Of course in my favorite of all places: Stanley Idaho! Even after hiding in the bushes and getting a million bug bites I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Soon after the proposal I started this mountain embroidery as a wedding gift. I did a tutorial here on the different stitches I used. Man is crafting in a mini van in August difficult! But I couldn’t stop adding more and eventually filled in all the mountains.

I free handed everything and didn’t think much of the size or dimensions, so when it came to framing I knew it was finally time to get a custom mat cut. Here’s what I learned on my first go around

Custom Mat Tips

1st: Follow my mom’s advice and save by only buying a custom mat and getting the frame from a place like Home Goods or Target. It’ll be way more affordable than getting a custom frame.

2nd: If you are okay putting the art, mat, and frame together yourself you can save a lot! My original quote was $23 and the girl asked me “does that sound good to you?”. I didn’t really think Michael’s was the type of place you could haggle so I just went with it. After her bringing it up again later I asked what that came with. Turns out it was $23 for them to put it in the frame, but only $14 if I just wanted the mat. Super easy savings!

If you take nothing else away- just ask for the mat only. Saved 40%!

3rd: Mats come in three qualities. There are lots of colors in all types, but of course the price varies. When showing you colors they don’t specify which are cheaper so before ordering have them check if the same color you want comes in the standard mat instead of the fancier (more expensive) luxe.

Framing Homemade Embroideries

No judging on the messy back of my embroidery, right?

There’s probably a more professional way to secure fabric, but seriously my favorite so far is masking tape. Tape the bottom first (make sure everything is where you want it) then pull the top taut. Finish by taping the two sides and test it by holding the mat horizontal. If you can’t see the fabric hanging down it’s perfect! I also used masking tap on Kate’s embroidery. Since there was no mat I pulled it tight and taped it around the cardboard that came with the frame.

Here’s the cute art ready to send to my newly married friends! Of course I had to include the picture that inspired it all. Doesn’t that just tug on your heart strings?

McGowan Peak on Stanley Lake Trail, Stanley Idaho

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