Getting through the Winter

This winter has been a little unusual. It’s the end of January and the forecast is highs in the 50’s and no snow in sight, but it has still been gloomy. Add that to the fact that the last month of pregnancy is actually nine months long and I have needed some pick-me-ups this month.

If these don’t cheer you up, then probably nothing will.

 Products I’m Loving

Winter + Pregnant = Extremely dry skin for me

  • Nothing warms up my bones like a hot bath (and fits right in with Kimberly’s Hygge lifestyle), but a hot bath will dry out my skin like nothing else. A good squirt of this oil in the water is just the trick.

  • While note a technical “product” nothing boosts my spirits like a great story. These days a great place to a great story is a blog and my mom recommended a new one. Check out Room for Tuesday. They are in the middle of a kitchen renovation that is making me want to rip out my cabinets. Take a look, I am sure the finished product is going to have us all wanting to move in.

House Inspiration

On that note, we are starting back in on finishing the basement, and I am already in love with it! David installed 12(!) recessed lights in the large family room and those combined with the new windows make it lighter downstairs than upstairs a lot of the time. Most of the progress so far has been “boring” things like framing, electrical, and drywall, but those things are important and have really brought the space to life.

It is a basic rectangular basement. One side will have one “guest” bedroom, laundry room, and bathroom in a row. The other side will be a long/ skinny living room and then the end section will remain as David’s workshop.

I want to keep it looking light down there and both of these pieces caught my eye this week.

This giant pegboard installation is amazing! We won’t have nearly that much space (or that high of ceilings), but this is definitely giving us inspiration for something similar. The post contains a complete DIY of how they created and hung it.

This shelf. I love how simple and casual it is. Again, the link is a complete DIY post. Maybe it’s the dreary winter that has me wanting all this light wood in my house, but I don’t think we can go wrong with simple, clean lines.

I am scheduled to be induced in two weeks and I am praying that the time goes quickly and I get everything on my list checked off. Everyone talks about getting more energy and “nesting” but I think that is a myth for me 😉 Wish me luck!

P.S. I wasn’t going to mention any baby stuff, but I stumbled on the cutest baby shoes this week. (And they are 1/3 the price of the baby shoe brand everyone is talking about). Maybe I am the only one who doesn’t love the leather fringe moccasins, but take a look at these.


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