Holiday Party Tips

Whether you are hosting or attending, holiday parties are a fun part of the season. Here are some of our favorite tips to take the stress out of it.


I’m in the trenches of motherhood at this point in my life so the first thing on my mind when it comes to parties are my kids. If I’m hosting a party I like to plan on putting a movie on in the basement that is entertaining and age appropriate. When asked to bring something to a party, I like to pick something kid friendly. (The sugar cookies pictured above are an example, I made these for a party just last week. They are cute and classy but super great because they won’t stain and are easy for little hands to manage.) If I’m going to a party, bringing a kids activity is always a good idea.

Great kids activities to bring to a party:

Make your own Don’t Eat Pete board, themed to go along with the party, and pack a few small treats so kids can play! (I did this for Thanksgiving and it worked great to keep kids calm and quieter during the last few minutes of meal prep.)

Use my Play-Dough recipe to whip up a batch. You can buy a couple small play-dough toys and this doubles as a hostess gift!

The dollar store is a great place to find something. I’ve found excellent activity books and card games there. Or pump up the excitement and buy balloons to bring. Kids can play “keep off the ground” with balloons for-ev-er.


What to bring – Many times you may be asked to bring a food dish to the party. My favorite tip for this is to choose something that doesn’t need to be hot or cold. Thus, avoiding the need to transport a hot dish or keep something cool.

Some ideas: Relish/ Cheese Tray, O’Henry’s, Cookie Platter, Bread/ Rolls

These award-winning fudge puddles are the perfect party food. The “fudge” sets up just enough to make them transportable. And they are addictive-ly delicious.

How much to make – This is always a little tricky. The best thing you can do is understand what the meal is going to look like as a whole. (And also remember that as Americans we like dessert and not vegetables.) A good rule of thumb for an evening meal is to aim for 4-6 oz of cooked meat per adult. Ere on the side of 6 oz if there are fewer sides and closer to the 4 oz mark if there are going to be lots of sides. (Depending on what cut and type of meat you are cooking the meat will shrink significantly during cooking, a quick google search should give you the percent of finished meat that you will get from the raw meat.)



Some of my favorite parts of a party are the decorations and party-scapes! It can however, be really difficult to make a big impact with small resources. Here’s some Instagram inspiration to up your tablescape game. One of my favorite accounts is The House that Lars Built for her over the top homemade decorations. Although I don’t believe all of her projects are realistic for the average party go-er, they give me some serious inspiration and creative ideas! Her Macy’s Day Parade table is just too cute!

I thought another fun tip was to double your table decor as your gifts! Mason jar candle holders are such an easy DIY and make for a beautiful table and easy gift for your guests.

Make Homemade Cookie Butter With Any Cookie!

Now if you are not one for throwing parties, but into going to them I’ve got you too! I made Milano cookie butter for my coworker’s birthday and it was so wonderful! I’ve been obsessing over it and thinking of all the possibilities ever since. This would be such a fun gift to bring for a hostess or honestly really anyone anytime. I know I would love it!

What are your tips for making a party festive and fun without requiring lots of time and money?

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