Home Organization Tips from Our Mom

Our mom is the best. And we all get excited when she comes to our house. With the upcoming birth of my second child my mom planned a trip and we have already had a few days together. One of the things that she has a knack for is organizational projects. We (mostly her) tackled a few this week and I’m pretty sure she has her eye on a few more.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks that make the process go smoothly.

Clean Up

This seems super obvious, but put away (and out of sight) anything that you don’t need/ use. I always get lazy and leave the Palmolive out by the sink, but then when my mom comes and the counters are clean and clear I am reminded how nice blank spaces are. (Remember this post from Bethany?)


You have to evaluate everything in the space and see if this location is really the best for each item. Don’t thrown everything into bins without thinking through if you are really using each item in that place. Inevitably there are some things that need to be thrown away, donated, etc. But, there are probably also things that you need and want to keep, my could be moved from say the bathroom to the basement or the garage.

Project Buddy

It is always helpful to have someone to work with. That could include talking through ideas with, shopping with, or even just talking to while you work. The best option would be have my mom come to your house and do it with you for you, but if that isn’t available find a friend to work along side. It makes the work go faster and the time more enjoyable.

Contain Everything

Evaluate what you have in the space and what kind of container would work best there. Make sure you measure the space and think through the items before you run to Target and buy all the beautiful bins. You can also find containers at places you might not expect. We found the white bins for underneath my kitchen sink at Lowe’s for $4 a piece.


Line the Shelves

Use contact paper or non-adhesive shelf liner to line the bottoms of drawers and open shelves. It makes the surface easier to wipe down and protects and painted surfaces from scratching. Plus it can add an interesting visual element to a closet (if desired).

This process can be daunting (hence the buddy tip), but when your home is organized and functional it is so rewarding! Remember to tackle this is small bites, one drawer or shelf, at a time to avoid burnout.

Happy Organizing!

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