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Have you heard about the newest (but not really that new, I may be a year or two behind here) trend?–HYGGE! It’s the Danish word that expresses the idea of having a cozy lifestyle. It’s been on my mind for about a year now and I even got this book last year for Mother’s Day. The idea is that the Danish people have some things figured out in the happiness department and if we study their best practices we can improve our contentment as well.

I had 6 take-aways from the book that I’m working on in my own way. These aren’t so much New Year’s resolutions but ways to slow down and enjoy a more comfy life because I’m in the trenches of Motherhood and I don’t want to be stressed all the time!

Hygge is down time to relax.

This one is big, and it’s for sure a work in progress, but I’m working at allotting myself time to be alone and do things just for pleasure. Often I watch TV. Now, that’s not really the essence on hygge but it really is one of my favorite things. So I watch it and instead of feeling guilty I just enjoy. OR try at least.

I also love to take a bath! Again, no self-judgement about it being long or a time waster. Today, I used ALL of nap time to take a bath. It was wonderful, no regrets.

Hygge is time spent with loved ones.

I’ve found that it doesn’t just happen. Not for me. If I want to spend time with my kids or husband or friends I had better schedule it. I’ve scheduled Monday nights for games and activities with my kids and husband. Friday nights we make homemade pizza and watch a movie. I text my friends and put lunches on the calendar. So far in 2018 I haven’t felt more busy but somehow I’ve had so much more time with people I love. It’s amazing how that works.

Hygge is cozy blankets, pillows, and curl up spots.
The 100lb Lull mattress

I’m on my second try of bed-in-a-box mattresses. (Side story: I pushed it up the stairs by myself.  When my husband asked if I used a pulley, I got to flex and say, “these pulleys!” I finally get the fun of the gun show joke. It’s funny. Also, it was ill-advised to do it alone. Luckily I didn’t hurt myself.) This one has a warranty and I’m hopeful! I also took advantage of Target’s 30% off bedding sale over the weekend to purchase a coverlet (thin quilt). I’m almost done collecting all the layers of grey bedding. It’s going to be so cozy!

Hygge is homemade food and treats.

On Sunday’s my son makes brownies. That tradition has been so enjoyable. But when I thought about it, I wasn’t doing much else. Sure I was making dinner but it’s the extras that seem to make our home feel together and united in appreciating food. So, this one isn’t a check list per say but I’ve been trying really hard to do more “extra” home cooking–easy stuff like German Pancake for weekend brunch, box biscuits with freezer jam for home from school snacks, and snicker doodles just because.

Helping me make biscuits
Hygge is comfy clothes.

It’s official, I can wear pajamas everywhere! Not really, but I’ve stopped beating myself up for changing into yoga pants when I get home everyday. I’ve also decided to not put up with uncomfortable shoes anymore. I’m definitely too old for it. I threw more than half my shoes away.

And slippers! Remember when I was debating which ones to get? Well, I’m still in my old ones. I need to take my own advice on that because cozy slippers are the best.

Hygee is candles and mood lighting.

At our house we have three candlesticks with candles in them to use for fun during dinner on special nights. We lower all the other lights in the room and my kids think it’s the coolest thing. I think I get double hygge points because the candlesticks are from my wedding. Oh, we aren’t keeping score? Yeah, that’s very un-hygge. OK.

The other way I use lighting to feel relaxed is Himalayan salt lamps. Some people use them for health benefits (I’m not sure one way or the other on that) but for me I love them because they cast the most lovely pink glow. In the evening when I’m trying to wind down, they are my favorite!


How would you Hygge? P.S. it’s pronounced “hoo-ga”–never would have guessed!

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    1. The day after that bath and since my son has decided he hates his bed and refuses to nap so it’s definitely not something I have on lock. 😉

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