Porch make-over

Last summer I started into a long overdue project—refreshing the front porch. It should have been a weekend endeavor but instead of explaining away my 7-month timeline I’m celebrating it being ✅ done today!

Here’s the run-down of the easy and inexpensive upgrades:

The Faux plants

I’ve tried to keep plants alive on my porch for years but the sun beats them down and so I finally gave in and added faux plants to my already owned Sam’s Club planters. (I talked more about that project in this weekend report post.) It’s been over six months since we added these and I am even more in love with them today! Faux all the way.

The door hardware

Over the summer my cousin and her family came to my house for the eclipse. They came with new door hardware we ordered through my uncle (her Dad) and gave us the HUGE gift of installing it. We lived in this house with shiny brass doorknobs and no deadbolts for a decade! The new dark bronze hardware is amazing and it’s so nice to have something more substantial on the front door.

The Lights

After searching on and off for months for lights that were economical, oil rubbed bronze to match the door hardware, and more modern, I found these. It took my husband less than 15 minutes to install each one and It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes. The rusty builder-grade ones left much to be desired. –At least for me.– For a week or so we had one old, one new while we waited for the second one to ship and it didn’t bother my husband at all.

The “wreath”

We live in Idaho and the wind is wild. Every time it got blustery I’d have to take the wreath off the door (or pick it up off the driveway). I used suction cups to keep it from banging against the glass but after lots of ideas that only half worked, I finally settled on putting something on the glass instead of a wreath. This solution got even more exciting to me when I thought up the idea to put our house numbers on the door to replace the broken plastic ones we used to have on the garage. I will say the idea was only half the battle, it took me several months worth of on and off internet searching to find the perfect one. This is the one I ultimately chose and I could not be happier with the speed of shipping and quality of vinyl, it went on like a dream even though I’ve only applied vinyl once or twice in my life. It especially looks cool at night!

The rug

No big story here. I found the small one on Target clearance ($5) and the larger one under it on Amazon ($12). I love the layered rug look but I wish the larger rug was just a touch bigger.

It’s amazing how at the end of projects I can look back and see how simple it really was. Why did I put it off for so many months? Or years?! I’m working on it; in 2018 I’m really trying to button up open projects and finish before starting something new. But, like this house, I’m a work in progress. And when discouragement strikes it’s nice to remember how far we’ve come! 🙂

The Porch– way back in 2009!

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