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As a follow up to last week’s collaboration post I thought I’d share how I created a felt advent calendar ornament set, some other good homemade Christmas gifts, and my favorite holiday cookie recipe. All in today’s post! ↓

Felt Advent Calendar Ornaments

I started thinking about this project when Kristine was looking for a simple advent calendar. The order was too tall for what the internet could offer so I put on the Christmas music and started sewing. Although a few of these turned out more ornate than simple, I did the whole project for under $10. I bought 1/8th a yard of each color they had of wool felt at Jo-Ann’s. Wool felt is totally the star of the show here! It’s so much better to work with than acrylic felt and looks a million times better too. Possibly the most important qualification was that each had a number so I wrote a number on each and embroidered over it with thread matching in the color scheme. I did two layers for each ornament and when possible added quilt batting (you could use any extra fabric) to make them as 3-D as I could. To keep them uniform I sewed the edges of all the ornaments with a blanket stitch attaching a ribbon loop as I went around.

One- Twelve

The first twelve came from the song “12 Days of Christmas”, but I had to get creative with some of the interpretations. Here’s how I kept it “simple” and what I did for each ornament.

One Partridge in a pear tree- a beautiful yellow pear with leaves

Two Turtle Doves- my interpretation of what a dove might look like

Three French Hens- 3 white eggs

Four Calling Birds- a music notes since there are already two birds

Five Gold Rings- a circle with gold embroidered around the edge

Six Geese a-laying- a “fancy egg” I just added some extra embroidery in gold to make it stand out

Seven Swans a-Swimming- the cutest swan ever with lots of gold 7s and some eyelashes

Eight Maids a-milking- a milking bucket

Nine Ladies Dancing- this one was tricky! I ended up doing a red dress

Ten Lords a-leaping- extra tricky! I did a top hat with holly

Eleven Pipers Piping- there’s no way I was going to attempt any sort of piper so I did a flute

Twelve Drummers Drumming- a drum and drumsticks

Thirteen- Eighteen


I had to make these up and tried to do Christmas and winter related items. Some of these turned out to be my favorite. The present, wreath, and reindeer look better then I ever imagined. Everything is cute when it’s tiny right?

Thirteen- a stocking just waiting for Santa

Fourteen- a gold snowflake

Fifteen- a vintage colored wrapped present with an over sized gift tag

Sixteen- a holly wreath

Seventeen- a heart inspired by the line “the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day”

Eighteen- a reindeer, I printed out an outline and copied it to make the shape

Nineteen-Twenty Five

I knew I wanted to incorporate a nativity scene so I ended the set with Jesus in the manger. These are definitely my favorite!

Nineteen- Joseph, I layered three cutouts to represent his head, shirt, and coat on top of one piece and joined them with a blanket stitch around each edge

Twenty- Mary, I joined her same as Joseph and really like how they turned out very simple but character obvious

Twenty One- the donkey! One of my favorites and most ornate one. I love the added “bag” and straps

Twenty Two- a lamb, I realize a pink velvet bow is so unrealistic for this time period but I couldn’t resist making it a little over the top

Twenty Three- the star!

Twenty Four- a crown to represent the three kings

Twenty Five- of course baby Jesus in the manger. I used snipped pieces of yellow felt laid unevenly on the edge to represent the hay

Aren’t they just adorable? I am wishing I made another set for myself I love it so much! The best part of all is they are homemade with so much love. Which is what this season is all about!


Hand Stamped Holiday Tea Towels

Kudos to you for reading this far! As promised my favorite holiday treat are these pomegranate cookies. There are so many sugary treats this time of year I love that these are a bit refreshing with fresh pomegranate seeds. They are the perfect gift to go along with a hand stamped tea towel. I bought this pack and will be giving them with baked treats to co-workers and neighbors. You can stamp them with your favorite holiday quote, song lyric, or for the one I did, Landon’s life motto.


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