Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day! December 26th is a holiday we always “celebrated” growing up. My Mom spent a few years in England in her early twenties and so the tradition of this English holiday entered into my childhood.
I always thought the name came about because it was the day we boxed up our Christmas decor. (Did my mom trick me into helping tidy this way? Ha!) In truth the day was created because it’s the day that the English boxed up gifts or tips for service workers. It’s also become a big holiday for shopping similar to how we have Black Friday in the United States. Continue reading Boxing Day!

The gift of presence

Ever since I left my job a few months ago (more about that here) I have been trying to focus on spending more quality time with my son. Of course some days go better than others, but during the month of December I decided to try and make a more concentrated effort.

I made these gingerbread cookies and made an effort to let him direct the decorating.

I thought I would do a little round-up of some of the activities we did together. None of them were particularly fancy or expensive, but we had a great time together. This seems like the first Christmas that my son has really been able to understand what is going on and I am loving it! Continue reading The gift of presence

Friday Favorites

This week we have color on our minds. And Caroline is still in whitewater recovery mode. She is headed to civilization tomorrow, so I’m sure she will be back to project mode in no-time.

Caroline’s post-rafting dinner. Though from the sounds of it, she ate pretty well along the way.


The perfectly pink knob
Since we finished painting our bedroom pale pink I’ve had blush tones on my mind. And though our room is technically lighter than “millennial pink,” I’m feeling on-trend with my paint color choice. If you haven’t heard of millennial pink read THIS ARTICLE!  (Actually read it if you know anyway because it’s hilarious.)
While I’m on the subject, here are my top three favorite pink wish list items:


I guess my last post got me thinking about all of the things that came up last Christmas that I wanted to have resolved by this Christmas. One of those is real-adult like matching stockings for our family. And then I found out that my work replacement is an amazing knitter AND knitted the cutest Christmas stockings for her own family. Sign. Me. Up. Then she asked me what my Christmas decoration color scheme was. Ha! Let’s just say, we are open to new ideas. I’ve been searching pinterest and etsy for inspiration. Can grey and navy be my Christmas colors? (I am aware I have a problem, but I am not ready to change.)

My other new favorite thing this week has been getting back into couponing. I used to be pretty good at it and I have let it go the last few years, but I really do enjoy it. They are building a CVS right by my house and I am probably too excited about it. But how can you not be excited when you spend $4.04 for 2 tubes of toothpaste and a container of mouthwash and walk out with $6.50 in extra bucks for next time?