Herringbone Quilt Tutorial

Anyone else start new projects and totally ignore the relevant pressing projects? Or stay up all night imagining really great craft ideas when you already have five “started” projects taking up every table in your house. I’m sure I can’t be the only one. I started this project about two weeks ago as a gift for my friend that was due last week with her first baby. On Tuesday her husband texted saying she was in labor and that was the motivation I needed to finish it! I would say finish all your projects before starting a “simple baby quilt”, but sometimes the cuter projects get precedence.

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The words in the mirror

As a kid (and occasionally as an adult) I would write messages or doodles on the steamed up mirror after a shower. But that was just the beginning of my love of writing on mirrors. I frequently use a white board marker and leave messages for myself or husband on the bathroom mirror. It wipes off easily, especially with Windex, and it’s a great way to say, “I love you” or “today is going to be awesome.” It’s amazing how powerful a simple note can be.

This week I took my mirror writing one step further, and experimented with doing a permanent message on a mirrored surface!

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DIY roman shade

It’s not a new concept. Search Pinterest and you’ll find a hundred different tutorials on how to DIY your own roman shades. This post is how I used all those ideas and came up with what I think is the best combination. I also made mine blackout which means a few more hurdles. We’ve had them up and in use for a few months now so I’m finally ready to give all the details on what’s working and what’s not! 🙂 Continue reading DIY roman shade

DIY stencil and hand painted t-shirts

I’ve made lots of hand painted t-shirts over the years. Last year I even made some stamps and stencils and brought them to a family reunion for a t-shirt making activity. It was a huge hit! I get comments on my shirts every time my kids or I wear a homemade creation. There are a few different techniques I use and all have a different place. Today I’m going to specifically walk you through the stencil method (including making your own stencil). I made the t-shirts pictured for a community fundraiser. The stencil is so helpful when you’re making a larger number of shirts (I made 80 for this project). Let’s get into it: Continue reading DIY stencil and hand painted t-shirts