Hygge and me


Hygge print via footnotes studios

Have you heard about the newest (but not really that new, I may be a year or two behind here) trend?–HYGGE! It’s the Danish word that expresses the idea of having a cozy lifestyle. It’s been on my mind for about a year now and I even got this book last year for Mother’s Day. The idea is that the Danish people have some things figured out in the happiness department and if we study their best practices we can improve our contentment as well. Continue reading Hygge and me

Thinking about thanks(giving)

The sugar high of Halloween is wearing off and just like that we’re into “the holiday season.” Isn’t it wild how two days ago the thoughts of placing my turkey order or buying tickets for our Christmas vacation seemed premature and now I suddenly feel behind. I haven’t even taken pictures for a Christmas card yet! But then I remind myself that Thanksgiving is about finding an appreciative and peaceful mind space. The historical origin of the holiday gets a little fuzzy and somewhat controversial, but I choose to use this time to focus on blessings. (Don’t worry, I won’t use #blessed though…) 

And because it takes more than one day to work on having a grateful mindset, here are two suggestions for making this entire month special: Continue reading Thinking about thanks(giving)

No-fuss games (part 1)


I love games! We have a huge collection of board and card games and I could easily add more if not for the investment in money and space. So, I’m taking on some classic games (think 1970’s) with the goal to spend $0 and take up no more space. This post is dedicated to one such game: Mastermind. Continue reading No-fuss games (part 1)

Best Trip Planning Tips

My dad is a planner. I have vivid memories of sitting at the kitchen table with the large atlas mapping out trip routes and stops. As adults we tease him for always having to make a spreadsheet before we could go on a family vacation. Well, I caught it. I can’t go on vacation without planning out activities and at least a basic schedule. But it really does pay off and I have discovered the secrets to a wonderful trip. Continue reading Best Trip Planning Tips