Pots and Planters Round-up

It seems every year in August I start thinking about moving back to Rexburg and plans for my new apartment. And every year I get a longing to put lots of plants in my new home. It seems odd since it’s at the end of summer, but I just can’t wait until next year to get my green thumb going. Continue reading Pots and Planters Round-up

Apartment Hunting

It’s been a long journey trying to find housing for this fall. Zach is taking classes online and I have yet to find a job, so really the options on where we could go were endless. We decided to stay right where we’ve been in Rexburg, Idaho. Securing housing with a dog in a college town has proven difficult, but we finally found a place! And now I spend all my time thinking about projects and how to decorate our new home!

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Intro to Embroidery

Before heading to Seattle I made my niece this cute embroidery for her room. I did the whole thing with one stitch and in one sitting. So if you are thinking you aren’t crafty or have never even tried embroidery before and want to click over to Facebook instead of reading this- don’t! This actually IS the post for YOU!

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