The Middle Fork

I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by to talk about one of my favorite places and possibly THE hidden gem of Idaho- The Middle Fork of the Salmon River. I know I throw that title around and most people don’t know what it means. The Middle Fork is a section of river on the Salmon that is totally surrounded by preserved wilderness. The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness contains 3.3 million acres of preserved and protected land. This means the term “pack it in, pack it out” is taken very seriously and there are amazing sights around every river bend.


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Guide to Stanley Idaho

We’ve already done a few hikes and lots on the river this summer. Add that to my past four years of summer adventures, and I’ve got a pretty good repertoire of Stanley activities. Thought I’d put them all down here for anyone wanting to venture over to this little town we call home for the summer.

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Road Trippin’

Don’t forget to make some unplanned stops. We each found a treasure here and enjoyed some delicious ice cream.

We arrived home from our long weekend road trip last night. David is home today tackling the heaping piles of laundry and I thought I would share 5 quick road trip tips. Hopefully, on this first day of summer, you have something fun on the horizon. Continue reading Road Trippin’

A Local’s Guide to Key West

This week we are preparing to fly to Seattle and it has me thinking about the last time I was in an airport. I was a little surprised to realize it was a year and a half ago as I flew home from my internship in Key West, FL. I lived in Key West for five months and like to think I learned the local’s way of life. I’ve been reminiscing the palm trees and easy living this week and had to share my “local secrets” with you. Continue reading A Local’s Guide to Key West

Best Trip Planning Tips

My dad is a planner. I have vivid memories of sitting at the kitchen table with the large atlas mapping out trip routes and stops. As adults we tease him for always having to make a spreadsheet before we could go on a family vacation. Well, I caught it. I can’t go on vacation without planning out activities and at least a basic schedule. But it really does pay off and I have discovered the secrets to a wonderful trip. Continue reading Best Trip Planning Tips