The Easiest DIY Dog Bed!

Before we left Kim’s house we used Indy’s makeshift blanket bed to pad underneath our mattress in the van. He desperately needed a new one, but Kim’s attitude about the bed she got for Millie didn’t make me too excited to go buy a typical dog bed. Every time Millie’s was washed the stuffing would clump and it never came out right. I had an old pillow and it was the perfect size for Indy’s kennel. This idea turned out cheaper and is more sustainable than your average dog bed- something I am so excited about!

This project is very simple and is great for beginners and first time zipperers. For the average pillow and medium size dog crate I cut out two rectangles, 18″ x 24″. You can also use an old pillowcase or make the bed water and dirt resistant with outdoor fabric. I used the centered zipper method (which is pictured) or do an invisible zipper. For a centered zipper first stitch the short end together using at least a 1/2″ seam allowance – this seems strange, but just trust me! I recommend using a normal stitch length and back stitching on either side until the zipper begins. Use a larger stitch (basting stitch) where the zipper will be.  After making the first seam, lay the zipper down right over the stitching (as pictured above).

Stitch down either side of the zipper, turning on the bottom and top of the zipper. Then take out the larger stitches over the zipper. The final step is stitching around the other three sides, (turning the fabric to be right sides together) but make sure to open the zipper first! Add an old pillow and your dog has it’s new favorite bed. I had to make one for Millie as well and these dog cousins are lovin’ them!


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