The gift of presence

Ever since I left my job a few months ago (more about that here) I have been trying to focus on spending more quality time with my son. Of course some days go better than others, but during the month of December I decided to try and make a more concentrated effort.

I made these gingerbread cookies and made an effort to let him direct the decorating.

I thought I would do a little round-up of some of the activities we did together. None of them were particularly fancy or expensive, but we had a great time together. This seems like the first Christmas that my son has really been able to understand what is going on and I am loving it!

Christmas books

While we read books every day, I have made special Christmas book selections to help him understand Christmas (both the Christ story and the tradition of Santa). He noticed the CD in our copy of The Polar Express and has enjoyed listening to it on CD multiple times.

Advent Calendars

We were given this set of advent blocks from my parents and this beautiful handmade advent ornament set from Caroline. Every morning we add a block to our town and an ornament to our tree. Not only has it helped us keep track of some fun things we have to look forward to this month, but it is also helping us review numbers.


My 3-year-old (maybe all or most 3-year-olds) has a hard time understanding giving. I made a special point to talk to him about giving gifts to those around us. I let him help me choose tags from an angel tree and then took him shopping to purchase the items. It’s obviously a life-long lesson and one that will take longer than one Christmas to learn, but I am hoping that starting young will help the lesson sink in.

Christmas Movies

One of the first things we did this December was watched The Grinch. It was fun to watch the movie through his perspective and explain things along the way.

In a lot of ways it seems like this is my three-year-old's first Christmas. Everything is new and exciting for him and it is opening my eyes to the fact that the most important parts of the season might just be the small, little things.


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