Three Secrets to Great Quickbreads

I love summer, but if we are going to call it and say it’s fall then I will jump on the bandwagon. So, today I decided to try a new pumpkin bread recipe. My mother is the master of quick breads, so this post should probably be written by her, but I will make an attempt.

Tip #1 – Have the right pans

Loaf pans seem to have slowly increased in size over the last thirty years, but many recipes haven’t changed. Attempting to bake quick breads in too large a loaf pan is often a recipe for an uncooked center or overcooked edges. My mom found these pans at Rush’s Kitchen Supply in Idaho Falls and they are the best! The corrugated surface helps bread come out easily and cleanly and the metal is coated in a layer of silicone. I still give them a quick once-over with pan spray, but things come out so easily that probably isn’t even necessary. The traditional/ smaller size means that the breads can cook evenly and thoroughly without drying out.

Tip #2 – Don’t over-mix

Most quick breads can be easily hand stirred with a wooden spoon or rubber scraper. If you need to use an electric mixer stick to a hand mixer, never use a stand mixer. The texture of the bread will be all wrong if it is over-mixed and it is hard or maybe impossible to not over-mix with a stand mixer. Note: if you are making banana bread make sure to thoroughly mash the bananas before adding them to the other ingredients. Trying to mash the bananas in the bowl with the other ingredients can lead to over-mixing and/ or large chunks of banana in the finished product.

Tip #3 – Practice, Practice, Practice

Even the best recipes take tweaking and learning how to make them work in your loaf pans and in your oven. I tried this recipe for pumpkin bread from Smitten Kitchen today and I really wanted to love it. But, it didn’t cook completely evenly. The taste is really good, so I guess I will be trying again. I’m also still practicing on a really yummy cinnamon zucchini bread. It’s just not, quite perfect.

Bonus Tip #4 – It’s always a good idea to add chocolate chips

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