Valentine’s Day Roundup


Here’s how we are sharing the love this Valentine’s Day ♥


I’m a firm believer that Valentine’s Day is about all kinds of love, not just romantic. I like to get my kids a small gift every year and say, ‘I love you’ a few dozen extra times. This year I gave them each a small balloon that inflates when you hit it (from my favorite place–the dollar store) and some fruity tic-tacs that have messages on them similar to conversation hearts. Here are a few other ideas for classroom valentines or just the special kid in your life:

  • “Whack” and inflate balloons (4/$1)
  • Fruity conversation-heart tic-tacs
  • Heart shaped candy: sweet tarts, swedish fish, reese, and junior mints all make special heart shaped versions this time of year!
  • Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar Book (less than $10!)
  • Silly or fun erasers (we’re giving these away to my kid’s classmates this year)

Last but not least, my best idea is heart shaped food. On Valentines go wild–make heart pancakes for breakfast, use a cookie cutter to make heart shaped PB&J for lunch and make a ketchup heart on the plate for the fries at dinner. There will be plenty of sugar so get creative making regular food a little more love-y.


I am scheduled to be induced next Tuesday, the 13th. So, we will be spending a very romantic Valentine’s Day 😉 in the hospital snuggling our new baby. I decided to try out FrameBridge to surprise my husband with something a few weeks in advance. My experience was super easy and the end result is great. Maybe I am the only one that struggles with the process of getting the pictures off my phone and on to the wall, but FrameBridge made it super simple and easy. Originally I was thinking of ordering one of their Heartstagrams, but I couldn’t find a picture of the two of us that worked with the heart shaped mat. If you use this link you will get $20 off your first order.

The smartest packaging.
The finished product. I chose the Mercer Slim Frame and a white mat with a black core.

Being 38 weeks pregnant I have not been the best at coming up with fun things for my 3-year-old to do. Thankfully we have an awesome library story time that ends with a cool craft. This is super simple, but looks great and kids can do most (or all) of it. Just cut a heart out of construction paper to be the frame and then glued that heart to a piece of wax paper. Then you arrange tissue paper inside the “frame” and glue them down. Then glue another piece of wax paper on the top and cut around the edge of the heart to trim off the wax paper. There are a million variations and things you could add to change up the look. 


This year I have a fun gift planned for Zach that I will share on Instagram next week (no spoilers for the hubs here) and a Galentine’s day party planned. I already started decorating for the party, which you can read about here. As soon as I saw this post from The House that Lars Built I fell in love. She comes up with the cutest party ideas! I know I link to her a lot, but seriously her studio is my party goals.

To go along with Kimberly’s dollar store post from a couple months back here are some ideas for Valentine’s day gifts for just a dollar! I realize these are geared towards kids, but I think a lot of them would make great coworker, neighbor, or friend gifts. My favorites have to be the watercolors and play dough. Even cheaper make your own play dough with our favorite recipe!

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